Prenatal and Parenting Support

Since 1992, over 3,500 babies were born to HPP.  Of those, 90.1% were of normal weight and 98.5% were drug-free.

By combining critical prenatal education and parenting classes, HPP’s Wellness Center increases healthy birth outcomes, promotes maternal and infant health and well-being, improves strong parent-child bonding, and teaches effective parenting skills. The Wellness Center:

  • Teaches prenatal classes and offers on-site group prenatal care (“Centering Pregnancy”) in English and Spanish.
  • Conducts post-partum services, including home visits to promote parent-child bonding, assessing basic household needs (e.g., food, clothing, furniture, baby supplies, etc.), evaluating babies’ development, ensuring follow through on medical appointments and supporting new parents through the stress of raising babies.
  • Offers health services including yoga, massage, acupuncture and doula (birth coach) support.
  • Provides activities to bring new mothers together, form lasting friendships, and build a community.