Community Health Worker Training

Since 1995, 164 women have entered the Community Health Worker (CHW) Training Program; 132 (82.9%) graduated the program and 124 of the graduates (93.9%) found jobs or pursued educational opportunities within 30 days of graduation.

The CHW Training Program is an intensive, 12-month paid job training program that prepares up to eight women at a time (most of whom are former HPP clients) for meaningful employment in career fields that provide a path to financial security. Community Health Workers:

  • Fulfill important HPP functions, such as managing the reception desk, client intakes, client records in the database, and community outreach.
  • Participate in weekly trainings with HPP staff.
  • Build office, computer, language, and writing skills.
  • Attend classes and continuing education programs at City College of San Francisco.
  • Participate in an outside internship with a collaborating CBO (community-based organization) for additional work experience and exposure to potential employers.