Executive Director’s Message

Dear Friends of HPP,

In 1989, I wrote a grant to the San Francisco Foundation to fund a project that would address an unmet public health need – prenatal care for women who were pregnant and homeless. I called it the “Homeless Prenatal Program”. The San Francisco Foundation agreed to support the project and with a staff of three we served 72 women the first year. Thirty years later, our name remains, but, like the first children we helped care for, we have grown and matured. Our 100 staff members now serve 3,500 clients annually – a full six percent of all San Francisco families. We have evolved into a comprehensive Family Resource Center, providing a full-range of services for families ending poverty.

I attribute HPP’s growth and success to several groups of people.

First, I owe a debt of gratitude to our donors for sharing our vision of an end to childhood poverty. Without you, HPP would not exist. In the past year we have experienced record demand for services, and you have responded generously.

I am deeply grateful to our dynamic staff members who are passionate about ending childhood poverty; these remarkable men and women offer direction to the agency guided by their own life experiences. More than half of our staff comes from the population we serve; many of our case and program managers are former clients. While HPP has grown to serve thousands, our staff members welcome every family with dignity and compassion.

Our wonderful Board of Directors has offered me guidance and wisdom throughout HPP’s maturation. Current and former members represent local and national leaders in a variety of fields. The combined fruits of their labor have resulted in a unique and effective organization rooted firmly in service to the most vulnerable among us.

As we look ahead to the next thirty years, I thank you for believing in HPP and, more importantly, the mothers, fathers, and children we exist to serve. It is my sincere hope that together we can say in partnership with our families, we have ended childhood poverty.

With warm regards,
Martha Ryan
Martha Ryan
Founder and Executive Director